Corporate Announcement
Security Code : 500210    Company : INGERRAND    
Compliances-Reg. 39 (3) - Details of Loss of Certificate / Duplicate CertificateDownload PDFDownload XBRL
  Exchange Received Time  15/05/2019 12:31:55         Exchange Disseminated Time   15/05/2019 12:32:00              Time Taken   00:00:05
NOTICE is hereby given that the certificate[s] for the under mentioned securities of the Company has / have been lost / mislaid and holder[s] of the said securities has / have applied to the Company to issue duplicate certificate[s].

Any person who has a claim in respect of the said securities should lodge such
claim with the Company at the Registered Office, within 15 days from this date,
else the Company will proceed to issue duplicate certificate[s] without further


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