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Security Code : 506260    Company : ANUH PHARMA LTD.
15 Mar 2016
UpdatesCompany Update 
  Exchange Disseminated Time     15/03/2016 18:44:02
In continuation of the earlier letter dated March 15, 2016, Anuh Pharma Ltd has informed BSE that the Company do not expect significant effect on its top & bottom line since the Company have very good presence in Indian and rest of world’s market.
  UpdatesCompany Update 
  Exchange Disseminated Time     15/03/2016 15:17:54
Anuh Pharma Ltd has informed BSE that following the inspection of manufacturing site of Anuh Pharma Ltd. at E-17/3 and E-17/4, Boisar, the EDQM Ad Hoc Committee has taken the following decision to suspend the certificate of suitability:

- Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate

- Erythromycin

- Pyrazinamide

and to close the application for a certificate of suitability of Erythromycin Stearate. ....