Insider Trading 2015- System Driven Disclosure

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Exchanges have commenced collating the data received from both depositories and generating disclosures under Insider Trading related data for the purpose of System Based Disclosures under Regulation 7 of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015.

** Source - Data as collated from CDSL and NSDL
Name of the Target CompanyISIN of Target CompanyName(s) of the promoter and/or persons in promoter groupShares held prior to acquisition / disposalShares acquired / disposedShares held after the acquisition/ disposalDate of credit/debit of shares in depository account/ transfer of physical sharesMode of Acquisition/Disposal
No. of shares% of total equity share capital of TCNo. of shares% of total equity share capital of TCValue of SecurityTransaction type (Acquisition/ Disposal / Pledge / Revocation / Invocation )No. of shares% of total equity share capital of TC
A.K.CAPITAL SERVICES LTD.INE701G01012SNEH LATA MITTAL 131300.001.991313001.9972215000.00Disposal0.000.0025 Jan 2018Market
A.K.CAPITAL SERVICES LTD.INE701G01012A K MITTAL 558665.008.461313001.9972215000.00Acquisition689965.0010.4525 Jan 2018Market
AXIS BANK LTD.INE238A01034GENERAL INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA 38500000.001.501000000.0060630000.00Disposal38400000.001.5025 Jan 2018Market
AXIS BANK LTD.INE238A01034LIC OF INDIA MONEY PLUS GROWTH FUND 3455415.000.132132290.01129280742.70Disposal3242186.000.1325 Jan 2018Market
AXIS BANK LTD.INE238A01034UNITED INDIA INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED 2677227.000.10200000.0012126000.00Disposal2657227.000.1025 Jan 2018Market
BHUSHAN STEEL LTD.INE824B01021BHUSHAN INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LTD 15621546.006.9011484230.5168618274.25Invocation14473123.006.3925 Jan 2018Market
DISH TV INDIA LTD.INE836F01026DIRECT MEDIA DISTRIBUTION VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED 241442000.0022.652150000.0215297250.00Creation241657000.0022.6725 Jan 2018Market
FUTURE LIFESTYLE FASHIONS LTDINE452O01016RYKA COMMERCIAL VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED 49190437.0025.837500000.39285675000.00Creation49940437.0026.2325 Jan 2018Market
GARDEN SILK MILLS LTD.INE526A01016MR. PRAFUL AMICHAND SHAH 0.000.0024928165.92101208329.60Creation2492816.005.9225 Jan 2018Market
GUJARAT APOLLO INDUSTRIES LTD.INE826C01016DHRUV ASHOKBHAI PATEL 60937.000.45200000.154576000.00Disposal40937.000.3025 Jan 2018Market
JSW STEEL LTD.INE019A01038AIYUSH BHUWALKA 14000.000.0040000.001148200.00Disposal10000.000.0025 Jan 2018Market
JUST DIAL LTD.INE599M01018V KRISHNAN 930540.001.3453900.013093321.00Release935930.001.3425 Jan 2018Market
KISAN MOULDINGS LTD.INE017C01012SANJEEV A AGARWAL 1249768.003.69281270.085512892.00Acquisition1277895.003.7725 Jan 2018Market
KPIT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITEDINE836A01035PROFICIENT FINSTOCK LLP 22317942.0011.307913880.40163223775.00Release23109330.0011.7025 Jan 2018Market
KWALITY LIMITEDINE775B01025SANJAY DHINGRA 148254714.0062.3030000001.26303000000.00Disposal145254714.0061.0425 Jan 2018Market
MAN INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD.INE993A01026M/S MAN FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED . 6332834.0011.0920000003.50270500000.00Release4332834.007.5925 Jan 2018Market
Max Financial Services LimitedINE180A01020MAX VENTURES INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED 13336167.004.973800000.14196460000.00Creation13716167.005.1125 Jan 2018Market
Monarch Networth Capital LimitINE903D01011VAIBHAV JAYANTILAL SHAH 2744626.009.051664320.5514379724.80Acquisition2911058.009.6025 Jan 2018Market
OMAX AUTOS LTD.INE090B01011WARUN MEHTA 177009.000.83100000.051740000.00Disposal167009.000.7825 Jan 2018Market
PIRAMAL ENTERPRISES LTD.INE140A01024GAUTAM BHAILAL DOSHI 1564915.000.91210250.0158597726.25Disposal1543890.000.8925 Jan 2018Market
RELIGARE ENTERPRISES LTD.INE621H01010RHC FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED 2857134.001.603476760.1916566761.40Invocation2509458.001.4125 Jan 2018Market
RELIGARE ENTERPRISES LTD.INE621H01010RHC HOLDING PRIVATE LIMITED 390070.000.22420000.022001300.00Invocation348070.000.2025 Jan 2018Market
RELIGARE ENTERPRISES LTD.INE621H01010RHC HOLDING PRIVATE LIMITED 1595750.000.892131640.1210157264.60Invocation1382586.000.7725 Jan 2018Market
RELIGARE ENTERPRISES LTD.INE621H01010SHIVINDER MOHAN SINGH 2021762.001.1310951600.6152184374.00Invocation926602.000.5225 Jan 2018Market
REPRO INDIA LTD.INE461B01014Mrs DEEPA RAJEEV VOHRA 0.000.00220000.1916500000.00Acquisition22000.000.1925 Jan 2018Market

*Disclaimer: Pursuant to SEBI Circular CIR/CFD/DCR/17/2015 dated December 01, 2015, in the matter of “Introduction of system-driven disclosures in securities market“, BSE Ltd. has started accepting system generated disclosures from the Registrars and Share Transfer Agents (RTAs) of BSE listed companies and displaying the same on website of BSE Ltd. The disclosures provided in this section are provided by the RTAs for their client companies based on the change in holdings of the promoters. The change in Demat holdings of the Promoters has been provided to the RTAs by the Depositories while the change in Physical holding is maintained by the RTA themselves. BSE Ltd. is merely receiving the disclosures and disseminating the same for the benefit of the Investors. BSE Ltd. disseminates these disclosures as submitted by the RTAs and does not verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the disclosures. The information contained in the disclosures is based on material we believe to be reliable; however, we do not represent that it is accurate, correct, complete or error free. BSE Ltd. disclaims any responsibility or loss arising out of any action, directly or indirectly taken, by any market intermediary pursuant to the dissemination of these Disclosures. In case of any errors or discrepancies in these Disclosures, promoters and listed companies may take up the same with the concerned RTAs for rectification and resubmission.

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