Pledge- System Driven Disclosure
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Security Name
From Date
To Date
Name of the Target CompanyISIN of Target CompanyName(s) of the promoter and/or persons in promoter groupPromoter holding in the target companyPromoter holding already encumbered Details of events pertaining to encumbrancePost event holding of encumbered shares
No. of shares% of total equity share capitalNo. of shares% of total equity share capitalType of event (creation / release / invocation)Date of creation/ release/ invocation of encumbranceNumber of shares% of total equity share capitalNumber of shares% of total equity share capital
ADANI ENTERPRISES LTD.INE423A01024PRITIBEN RAKESHBHAI SHAH109500.000.01300000.00273.97Release26 Jul 2021300000273.970.000.00
ADANI ENTERPRISES LTD.INE423A01024PRITIBEN RAKESHBHAI SHAH242000.000.02588000.00242.98Release26 Jul 2021588000242.980.000.00
ADANI PORTS AND SPECIAL ECONOMINE742F01042PRITIBEN RAKESHBHAI SHAH251436.000.01423690.00168.51Release26 Jul 2021423690168.510.000.00
ADANI PORTS AND SPECIAL ECONOMINE742F01042PRITIBEN RAKESHBHAI SHAH342810.000.02830430.00242.24Release26 Jul 2021830430242.240.000.00
Adani Transmission LimitedINE931S01010PRITIBEN RAKESHBHAI SHAH187000.000.02300000.00160.43Release26 Jul 2021300000160.430.000.00
Adani Transmission LimitedINE931S01010PRITIBEN RAKESHBHAI SHAH206000.000.02588000.00285.44Release26 Jul 2021588000285.440.000.00
CMI LTD.INE981B01011Amit Jain4897557.0030.562272728.0046.41Creation26 Jul 2021197954940.424252277.0086.82
ICICI Lombard General InsurancINE765G01017ICICI SECURITIES LTD TM CLIENT SECURITIES UNDER MARGIN FUNDING A/C NSE1660.000.001660.00100.00Invocation26 Jul 20211660100.000.000.00
ICICI Prudential Life InsurancINE726G01019ICICI SECURITIES LTD10250.000.0010250.00100.00Invocation26 Jul 202110250100.000.000.00
ORIENT CEMENT LTDINE876N01018CENTRAL INDIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED49143627.0023.995150000.0010.48Release26 Jul 2021515000010.480.000.00
ORIENT CEMENT LTDINE876N01018CENTRAL INDIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED12360865.006.039250000.0074.83Release26 Jul 2021730000059.061950000.0015.78
Orient Electric LimitedINE142Z01019SHEKHAVATI INVESTMENTS AND TRADERS LTD.12845895.006.056850000.0053.32Release26 Jul 2021510000039.701750000.0013.62
VISESH INFOTECNICS LTD.INE861A01058MR PEEYUSH KUMAR AGGARWAL633763526.0016.79633763526.00100.00Invocation26 Jul 20216579593410.38567967592.0089.62
ADANI ENTERPRISES LTD.INE423A01024ADANI TRADELINE LLP33566667.003.054857334.0014.47Creation23 Jul 2021314000.094888734.0014.56
DAMODAR INDUSTRIES LTD.INE497D01022ANIL D. BIYANI2650000.0011.370.000.00Creation23 Jul 2021247000093.212470000.0093.21
DAMODAR INDUSTRIES LTD.INE497D01022ANIL D. BIYANI3100000.0013.300.000.00Creation23 Jul 2021247000079.682470000.0079.68
ICICI Lombard General InsurancINE765G01017ICICI SECURITIES LTD TM CLIENT SECURITIES UNDER MARGIN FUNDING A/C BSE7465.000.007465.00100.00Invocation23 Jul 20217465100.000.000.00
ICICI Prudential Life InsurancINE726G01019ICICI SECURITIES LTD40177.000.0040177.00100.00Invocation23 Jul 202140177100.000.000.00
KSE LTD.INE953E01014T R VENUGOPAL548. Jul 2021548100.00548.00100.00
LYKA LABS LTD.INE933A01014NARENDRA ISHWARLAL GANDHI634429.002.21290000.0045.71Release23 Jul 202129000045.710.000.00
LYKA LABS LTD.INE933A01014NEHAL NARENDRA GANDHI90000.000.3190000.00100.00Release23 Jul 202190000100.000.000.00
MEP Infrastructure DevelopersINE776I01010IDEAL TOLL AND INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED .3600000.001.963000000.0083.33Creation23 Jul 202160000016.673600000.00100.00
SADBHAV ENGINEERING LTD.INE226H01026SHANTABEN VISHNUBHAI PATEL42358125.0024.6942358125.00100.00Release23 Jul 202129560076.9839402118.0093.02
Z.F.STEERING GEAR (INDIA) LTD.INE116C01012DINESH MUNOT949290.0010.46450000.0047.40Release23 Jul 202145000047.400.000.00
Birla Tyres LimitedINE0AEJ01013MANAV INVESTMENT AND TRADING CO. LTD.17092421.0011.9910675000.0062.45Invocation22 Jul 2021317500018.587500000.0043.88

*Disclaimer: Pursuant to SEBI Circular CIR/CFD/DCR/17/2015 dated December 01, 2015, in the matter of “Introduction of system-driven disclosures in securities market“, BSE Ltd. has started accepting system generated disclosures from the Registrars and Share Transfer Agents (RTAs) of BSE listed companies and displaying the same on website of BSE Ltd. The disclosures provided in this section are provided by the RTAs for their client companies based on the change in holdings of the promoters. The change in Demat holdings of the Promoters has been provided to the RTAs by the Depositories while the change in Physical holding is maintained by the RTA themselves. BSE Ltd. is merely receiving the disclosures and disseminating the same for the benefit of the Investors. BSE Ltd. disseminates these disclosures as submitted by the RTAs and does not verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the disclosures. The information contained in the disclosures is based on material we believe to be reliable; however, we do not represent that it is accurate, correct, complete or error free. BSE Ltd. disclaims any responsibility or loss arising out of any action, directly or indirectly taken, by any market intermediary pursuant to the dissemination of these Disclosures. In case of any errors or discrepancies in these Disclosures, promoters and listed companies may take up the same with the concerned RTAs for rectification and resubmission.

* * * *

Exchanges have commenced collating the data received from both depositories and generating pledge related data for the purpose of System Based Disclosures under Regulation 31 of SAST.

** Source - Data as collated from CDSL and NSDL