SAST - System Driven Disclosure
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Security Name
From Date
To Date
Name of the Target Company ISIN of Target CompanyName(s) of the promoter and/or persons in promoter groupNumber of Equity Shares held before the acquisition/disposal% of Equity Shares held before the acquisition/disposalNumber of Equity Shares acquired/disposed% of Equity Shares acquired/disposedNumber of Equity Shares held after the acquisition/disposal% of Equity Shares held after the acquisition/disposalDate of credit/ debit of shares in depository account or Date of transfer of shares in physical formTransaction TypePromoter / Non-Promoter
No. of shares% of total equity share capital of TCNo. of shares% of total equity share capital of TCNo. of shares% of total equity share Capital of TC
Milestone Furniture LimitedINE424Z01011DIGAMBAR SUDAM SONGHARE451000.004.85100000010.761451000.0015.6123 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
Milestone Furniture LimitedINE424Z01011GANESHKUMAR SADANAND PATALIKADAN1000000.0010.76100000010.760.000.0023 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
Pil Italica Lifestyle LimitedINE600A01035DAWOOD INVESTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED .74147681.0031.5514370810.6172710600.0030.9423 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
Praxis Home Retail LimitedINE546Y01022FUTURE CORPORATE RESOURCES PRIVATE LIMITED FCR387333.001.222912500.92678583.002.1423 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
PRO FIN CAPITAL SERVICES LTD.INE732K01019NARAIN KUMAR GUPTA77625.001.10750001.062625.000.0423 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
PURITY FLEX PACK LTD.INE898O01010MR HARSHADKUMAR S BHATT .12709.001.63127091.630.000.0023 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
PURITY FLEX PACK LTD.INE898O01010Mr. KUNAL ANILBHAI PATEL41416.005.31127091.6354125.006.9423 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
VISTA PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.INE427C01021DHANANJAYA ALLI2830033.007.6910073912.743837424.0010.4323 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
ACEWIN AGRITECK LIMITEDINE742R01013JESUDAS PREMKUMAR SEBASTIAN3982160.0038.80672000.653914960.0038.1522 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
Add-Shop E-Retail LimitedINE01B501018MANJU JAYANTILAL LODHA243593.002.15680000.60175593.001.5522 Jul 2021Pledgor SetupNon-Promoter
ALANKITINE914E01040SHREE GAJRAJ FINLEASE PRIVATE LIMITED8684190.006.0712600000.887424190.005.1922 Jul 2021Pledgor SetupNon-Promoter
Birla Tyres LimitedINE0AEJ01013MANAV INVESTMENT AND TRADING CO. LTD.17092421.0011.9931750002.2313917421.009.7622 Jul 2021InvocationPromoter
CROISSANCE LIMITEDINE587J01027KONDI VENU3593992.005.246600000.962933992.004.2822 Jul 2021Pledgor SetupNon-Promoter
CROISSANCE LIMITEDINE587J01027KONDI VENU2273888.003.326601040.962933992.004.2822 Jul 2021AcquisitionNon-Promoter
Diggi Multitrade LimitedINE158R01012GRETEX SHARE BROKING PRIVATE LIMITED230000.002.381000001.03330000.003.4122 Jul 2021AcquisitionNon-Promoter
EROS INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LTD.INE416L01017SREI EQUIPMENT FINANCE LIMITED500000.000.525000000.520.000.0022 Jul 2021Pledgor SetupNon-Promoter
GRM OVERSEAS LTD.INE192H01012MR HUKAM CHAND GARG1000200.0025.01200040050.013000600.0075.0222 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
GRM OVERSEAS LTD.INE192H01012MR ATUL GARG908250.0022.71181650045.412724750.0068.1222 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
J. TAPARIA PROJECTS LTDINE075K01013SUTLAJ SALES PRIVATE LIMITED613000.003.785000003.091113000.006.8722 Jul 2021AcquisitionNon-Promoter
JUST DIAL LTD.INE599M01018TREE LINE ASIA MASTER FUND (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD3187079.005.1217870792.871400000.002.2522 Jul 2021Pledgor SetupNon-Promoter
OCEANAA BIOTEK INDUSTRIES LTDINE732P01018RAJAKUMAR1360013.0010.031850001.361175013.008.6622 Jul 2021Pledgor SetupNon-Promoter
Pil Italica Lifestyle LimitedINE600A01035DAWOOD INVESTMENT PRIVATE LIMITED .76451181.0032.5323035000.9874147681.0031.5522 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
PRISM MEDICO AND PHARMACY LTD.INE730E01016JASJOT SINGH539170.008.89850001.40454170.007.4922 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter
REMI EDELSTAHL TUBULARS LIMITEINE158G01015REMI FINANCE AND INVESTMENT PVT. LTD.625000.005.691623441.48787344.007.1722 Jul 2021AcquisitionPromoter
REMI EDELSTAHL TUBULARS LIMITEINE158G01015CALPLUS TRADING PRIVATE LIMITED162344.001.481623441.480.000.0022 Jul 2021DisposalPromoter

*Disclaimer: Pursuant to SEBI Circular CIR/CFD/DCR/17/2015 dated December 01, 2015, in the matter of “Introduction of system-driven disclosures in securities market”, BSE Ltd. has started accepting system generated disclosures from the Registrars and Share Transfer Agents (RTAs) of BSE listed companies and displaying the same on website of BSE Ltd. The disclosures provided in this section are provided by the RTAs for their client companies based on the change in holdings of the promoters. The change in Demat holdings of the Promoters has been provided to the RTAs by the Depositories while the change in Physical holding is maintained by the RTA themselves. BSE Ltd. is merely receiving the disclosures and disseminating the same for the benefit of the Investors. BSE Ltd. disseminates these disclosures as submitted by the RTAs and does not verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the disclosures. The information contained in the disclosures is based on material we believe to be reliable; however, we do not represent that it is accurate, correct, complete or error free. BSE Ltd. disclaims any responsibility or loss arising out of any action, directly or indirectly taken, by any market intermediary pursuant to the dissemination of these Disclosures. In case of any errors or discrepancies in these Disclosures, promoters and listed companies may take up the same with the concerned RTAs for rectification and resubmission.

* * * *

Exchanges have commenced collating the data received from both depositories and generating SAST related data for the purpose of System Based Disclosures under Regulation 29 of SAST.

** Source - Data as collated from CDSL and NSDL