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NOC under Regulation 37

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Company NameDate of UploadingDraft Scheme / NOC DocumentComplaint ReportObservation Letter of ExchangeRemarks
Share India Securities Ltd10/12/2018 20181210123648-Report of Audit - - Scheme of Amalgamation of Total Securities Limited with Share India Securities Limited.
JSW Steel Limited06/12/2018 20181206165850-Stockexchange.pdf - - Merger of a wholly owned subsidiaries with JSW Steel Limited
La Tim Metal & Industries Ltd05/12/2018 20181205113412-Application for approval of - - Scheme of Merger between La Tim Metal & Industries Ltd with La Tim Sourcing (India) Pvt Ltd(WOS).
MONSANTO INDIA LTD. 04/12/2018 - - Scheme of Amalgamation provides for amalgamation of Monsanto India Limited with Bayer CropScience Limited
BAYER CROPSCIENCE LTD04/12/2018 - - Scheme of Amalgamation provides for amalgamation of Monsanto India Limited with Bayer CropScience Limited
Vodafone Idea Ltd04/12/2018 20181204151929-Scheme Vodafone idea Ltd and Vodafone - - Scheme of Arrangement between Vodafone Towers Limited and Vodafone Idea Limited for the transfer of the Fiber Infrastructure Undertaking of the Transferor Company and vesting of the same with the Transferee Company, on a going concern basis.
ARMAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD03/12/2018 20181203121932-Annexure - - Scheme of Arrangement for consolidation of different class of equity shares of Arman Financial Services Ltd.
R.T.EXPORTS LTD03/12/2018 20181203121801-11. Annexure X - Detailed Compliance - - Scheme of Reduction of Preference Shares of R.T. Exports Ltd.
Gujarat Lease Financing Limited28/11/2018 - - Merger of GLFL HSG, GLFL SEC ,GLFL INT (wholly owned subsidiaries) with the Company
NETTLINX LTD.26/11/2018 20181126173101-SCHEME OF - - Scheme of Merger between Nettlinx Ltd with Nettlinx Aquaculture Pvt Ltd(WOS).
TECH MAHINDRA LTD.26/11/2018 20181126171826-Scheme of Merger - Tech Mahindra with - - Scheme of Merger by Absorption between Tech Mahindra Growth Factories Limited (WOS) with the Tech Mahindra Limited.
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd 22/11/2018 20181122192712-Scheme with BR.PDF - - Scheme of Merger between Strides Chemicals Pvt Ltd (WOS) with Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd.
AMJ Land Holdings Limited22/11/2018 20181122121354-Wesbite - - Scheme of Merger by Absorption of Pudumjee Investment & Finance Company Ltd (WOS) with AMJ Land Holdings Limited
Skipper Ltd21/11/2018 20181121140912-Scheme of Demerger - Skipper - - Scheme of Arrangement between Skipper Limited and Skipper Pipes Limited and their respective shareholders and creditors. Demerger of the “Polymer Products Division (except Palashbari unit at Assam)” of Skipper into Skipper Pipes Ltd.
Mercantile Ventures Ltd20/11/2018 20181120185018-Scheme of Amalgamation - i3 rayce - - Scheme of merger of Mercantile Ventures Ltd with its wholly owned subsidiaries.
Anant Raj Limited16/11/2018 20181116130357-Anant Raj - - Scheme of Arrangement for Amalgamation and Demerger of the Anant Raj Agencies Private Limited with and into the Anant Raj Limited and Anant Raj Limited the vesting thereof in the Anant Raj Global Limited
ALEMBIC LTD15/11/2018 20181126175414-AL_Complaint Report_BSE_26_11_2018.PDF - Composite Scheme of Arrangement between Alembic Limited and Shreno Limited and Nirayu Private Limited and their respective shareholders under Sections 230 to 232 read with Section 66 and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and rules framed thereunder
Onelife Capital Advisors Limited14/11/2018 20181114140419-Onelife Capital Advisors Lts_Scheme of - - Merger of WOS Onelife Gas Energy & Infrastructure ltd, Good yield fertilisers & pesticides Pvt Ltd, Leadline software & trading pvt ltd, Onelife Ecopower & Engineering Ltd, Goodyield farming Ltd & purple India holdings ltd with Onelife capital Advisors Ltd
Motherson Sumi Systems Limited13/11/2018 20181113154002-Scheme of Merger.pdf - - Scheme of merger of Motherson Polymers Compounding Solutions Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary with Motherson Sumu Systems Ltd
Modern India Ltd06/11/2018 20181106185249-scheme of arrangement- modern india - - Scheme of amalgamaton of Modern India Free Tade Warehousing Private Limited(WOS) with Modern India Ltd
SAURASHTRA CEMENT LTD.02/11/2018 20181102174153-01-Scheme of Amalgamation to - - Merger of WOS Pranay Holdings Ltd, Prachit Holdings Ltd, Ria Holdings Ltd and Reeti Investments Pvt Ltd with Saurashtra Cement Ltd.
Ortin Laboratories Ltd01/11/2018 20181101154202-18 auditor - - The Demerged Company has presently 2 (two) Divisions namely Formulations Division and API Intermediates Division. The Company is demerging its API intermediates division to M/s Vineet laboratories Limited, the resulting company.
SICAL LOGISTICS LTD.01/11/2018 - - Merger of Norsea Offshore India Ltd (WOS) with parent company Sical Logistics Ltd.
SAYAJI HOTELS LTD.30/10/2018 20181030141902-Scheme Sayaji - - Composite Sheme of Amalgamation and Arrangement between Sayaji Hotels Limited and Ahilya Hotels Limited and Sayaji Housekeeping Services Limited and Sayaji Hotels (Pune) Limited and Sayaji Hotels Management Limited
Arshiya Limited26/10/2018 20181026141803-Arshiya 20181206142232-Complaints Report -Arshiya.pdf - This Scheme of arrangement between Arshiya Rail Infrastructure Ltd and Arshiya Ltd.