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Circulars to Listed Companies

LIST/COMP/15/2018-19                                                                                                          July 05, 2018


All the Listed Companies,

Dear Sir / Madam,

Subject: Amendment to Regulation 40 of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 with respect to mandatory dematerialization for transfer of securities

The amendment to Regulation 40 of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 vide Gazette notification dated June 8, 2018 has mandated that transfer of securities would be carried out in dematerialized form only.

Accordingly, Listed Companies and their Registrars and Transfer Agents (RTAs) are hereby advised that, with effect from December 5, 2018, it should be ensured that shares which are lodged for transfer shall be in dematerialized form only.

In order to implement the aforementioned Amendment in the Regulation and as advised by SEBI, all the Listed Companies are hereby directed to carry out the following actions:


1)      To take special efforts through their RTAs to send letter under Registered/Speed post to the holders of physical certificates appraising them about the amendment and sensitise them about the impact of the regulation on the transfer of shares held by them in physical form w.e.f December 5, 2018.

2)      RTAs may also be advised to send two reminders, preferably at a gap of 30 days, to such shareholders who continue to hold their shares in physical form, advising them to get the same dematerialized

3)      Listed Companies shall prominently place information on their website intimating the investors about the proposed change and provide appropriate guidance on how to dematerialize their shares.

4)      Listed companies should ensure that the signature cards of all the holders of physical securities are handed over to its RTA at the earliest.

All listed companies are requested to take note of above and comply accordingly. Companies may also report compliance with these requirements by end September 2018 to the Exchange, in a specified format that will be sent out shortly.     


 Abhijit Pai                                                                                           Shyam Bhagirath

Dy. Gen. Manager                                                                              Associate Manager

Listing Compliance                                                                             Listing Compliance