Circulars to Listed Companies


DCS/COMP/24/2016-17                                                                      February 27, 2017




Dear Sir/Madam,


Sub:  Corporate Announcement Filing System (CAFS)


In continuation of the Exchange’s ongoing endeavour to ensure that critical information / disclosures are available to the investors on real time basis, the Exchange is putting in place a new Corporate Announcement Filing System (CAFS) with effect from March 1, 2017. Initially, CAFS would be operated in ‘Beta’ mode and shall be available within the existing BSE filing portal - Listing Centre.


Certain important features of the CAFS are given below:

1)      Registration of designated company personnel who are authorised to file Corporate Announcements on behalf of the company

2)      Seamless Dissemination of Corporate Announcements (CA) submitted by Companies to the Exchange directly on the Exchange website without pre-verification by the Exchange, as is being done presently

3)      Verification of actual filer of CA (designated company personnel only) by way of Two Factor Authentication (TFA) i.e. One Time Password (OTP) sent through Email and SMS.

4)      Submission and instant acknowledgement of filing the CA on the Exchange

5)      Easy tracking of filings by the companies of CA that they have filed

6)      Enhanced Interface for upload of Corporate Announcements


In order to send OTP, the Exchange would be registering the Mobile numbers and Email IDs of the Compliance Officer and persons authorised by the Company for filing CA to the Exchange. A maximum of 2 persons in addition to the Compliance Officer (mandatory) may be registered. The Registration process shall commence from February 28, 2017.


Designated company personnel who are registered with the Exchange would only be allowed to file CA with the Exchange. Every CA would be received by the Exchange only after the OTP sent by the Exchange to the filer is submitted. It may be noted that the OTP shall be sent to the registered Mobile number and Email ID of the authorised and registered person making the filing only.


Certain filings like Shareholding Pattern, Corporate Governance Report, Voting Results which are mandatorily filed through the XBRL mode shall not be accepted through CAFS and will continue to be accepted as per current practice. Certain other filings which include disclosures under PIT Regulations, filings pertaining to Mutual Funds and Debt, will currently be accepted in the existing mode only. Filing through CAFS would be enabled for these filings shortly and the same would be notified separately.


Companies are required to make note of the same and comply accordingly.


The detailed process and Terms and Conditions are available in the Listing Centre at the following link:





Netra Sahani                                                                           Abhijit Pai

DGM - Listing Compliance                                                      AGM – Listing Compliance