Delisted Companies
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Delisted Companies

Security Name Year Of Delisting Reason
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Security CodeFull NameDate of DelistingReason
502241IAG Company Ltd.21 Aug 2018delisting
503956BARODA ELEC.21 Aug 2018delisting
504707GRAHAM FIRTH21 Aug 2018delisting
509440BELL GRAPHIC21 Aug 2018delisting
509463Bihar Air Products Ltd21 Aug 2018delisting
511114Valuemart Retail Solutions Limited21 Aug 2018delisting
511495YULE FIN LEA21 Aug 2018delisting
511547Kiev Finance Ltd21 Aug 2018delisting
515003SPARTE CER I21 Aug 2018delisting
515107ASSOC.MARMO21 Aug 2018delisting
515137CANA GLASS21 Aug 2018delisting
526391NEELKANT MOT21 Aug 2018delisting
531277Realtime Finlease ltd.21 Aug 2018delisting
531664Mahavir Impex Ltd.21 Aug 2018delisting
532353SIBAR MEDIA21 Aug 2018delisting
532675Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd.21 Aug 2018delisting
533332Sudar Industries Limited21 Aug 2018delisting
532254Polaris Consulting & Services Limited01 Aug 2018Regulations, 2009 and SEBI (Delisting of equity shares) (Amendments) Regulations, 2015
502150Kalyanpur Cement Ltd.,26 Jul 2018Under section 31 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 read with sub-regulation (3)(a) of regulation 3 of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Delisting of Equity Shares) Regulations, 2009
500025ASSAMBROOK L04 Jul 201820180702-28/29
500036BALAJ IND CO04 Jul 201820180702-28/29
500167GOOD VAL MAR04 Jul 201820180702-28/29
500208INDU NISSAN04 Jul 201820180702-28/29
500301NEPC India Ltd04 Jul 201820180702-28/29
500318Oswal Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd.04 Jul 201820180702-28/29