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Security CodeFull NameDate of DelistingReasonDelisting Order
723872SPTL-6-2-23-CP17 Mar 2023Redemption/Maturity / Delisting
723913STPL-13-2-23-CP17 Mar 2023Redemption/Maturity / Delisting
723994JUPPL-20-2-23-CP17 Mar 2023Redemption/Maturity / Delisting
724036SPTL-27-2-23-CP17 Mar 2023Redemption/Maturity / Delisting
724050SPTL-6-3-23-CP17 Mar 2023Redemption/Maturity / Delisting
502742Sintex Industries Ltd10 Mar 2023Delisting pursuant to the Resolution Plan approved by the Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal, Ahmedabad Bench vide its order February 10, 2023
512299Sterling Biotech Ltd.03 Mar 2023Pursuant to Liquation order by the Hon’ble National Company Law Tribunal, Mumbai Bench dated November 11, 2022
500278MIDEAST24 Feb 2023
500329Pentamedia Graphics Ltd24 Feb 2023
506874SHREEJAL24 Feb 2023
511014VISHVAKR INV24 Feb 2023
511276Mefcom Agro Industries Ltd24 Feb 2023
511640Sanghi Corporate Services Ltd.24 Feb 2023
513062SRIYANSH STL24 Feb 2023
515099Vertical Industries Limited24 Feb 2023
517203Bee Electronic Machines Ltd24 Feb 2023
517403Sun Source (India) Ltd.24 Feb 2023
523400DETROIT IND.24 Feb 2023
526313Nu-Tech Corporate Services Ltd.24 Feb 2023
530389Geefcee Finance Ltd.24 Feb 2023
530635Texplast Industries Ltd.24 Feb 2023
530945Gangotri Iron & Steel Company Ltd24 Feb 2023
531336Auroma Coke ltd.24 Feb 2023
531479Global Land Masters Corporation Ltd.24 Feb 2023
531659TSL Industries Ltd.24 Feb 2023