Corporate Governance

Scrip Code :523475 Quarter Ending : March 2018

Annexure 1

Composition of Board of Directors
TitleName of the DirectorCategoryInitial Date of Appointment Date of Appointment in Current Term (Date of Re-appointment)Date of cessationTenure of Director (in months)No of Directorship in listed entities including this listed entityNumber of memberships in Audit/ Stakeholder Committee(s) including this listed entityNo of post of Chairperson in Audit/ Stakeholder Committee held in listed entities including this listed entity
MrADMALA SURYA PRAKASH REDDYNon-Executive - Independent Director05 Jul 2016--60110
MrANANTH PAI PERAJENon-Executive - Non Independent Director29 Oct 2008---140
MrBHARATHAN RAJ GOPALAN THATAINon-Executive - Independent Director,Chairperson26 Nov 2014--60102
MrDILIP MANGESHKAR KALELKARExecutive Director01 May 2014---100
MrGOTTE MUKKALA VENKATAPATHI RAJUNon-Executive - Independent Director26 Nov 2014--60130
MrPERAJE PRAKASH PAINon-Executive - Non Independent Director29 Oct 2008---122
MrSUBRAMANYA RAM GANAPATHExecutive Director04 Nov 2013---120
MrsASHWINI PAINon-Executive - Non Independent Director05 Nov 2008---100

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Annexure 2

Website Affirmations
ItemCompliance statusDetails of non-compliance
Details of businessYes-
Terms and conditions of appointment of independent directorsYes-
Composition of various committees of board of directorsYes-
Code of conduct of board of directors and senior management personnelYes-
Details of establishment of vigil mechanism or whistle blower policyYes-
Criteria of making payments to non-executive directorsNA-
Policy on dealing with related party transactionsYes-
Policy for determining material subsidiariesNA-
Details of familiarization programmes imparted to independent directorsYes-
Email address for grievance redressal and other relevant detailsYes-
Contact information of the designated officials of the listed entity who are responsible for assisting and handling investor grievancesYes-
Financial resultsYes-
Shareholding patternYes-
Details of agreements entered into with the media companies and/or their associatesNA-
New name and the old name of the listed entityNA-

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