Corporate Governance

Scrip Code :511630 Quarter Ending : September 2017

Annexure 1

Composition of Board of Directors
TitleName of the DirectorCategoryInitial Date of Appointment Date of Appointment in Current Term (Date of Re-appointment)Date of cessationTenure of Director (in months)No of Directorship in listed entities including this listed entityNumber of memberships in Audit/ Stakeholder Committee(s) including this listed entityNo of post of Chairperson in Audit/ Stakeholder Committee held in listed entities including this listed entity
MrAmit Kumar RayExecutive Director13 Feb 2016---100
MrDilip D PatelNon-Executive - Independent Director20 Sep 2014--60210
MrKiran B VadodariaExecutive Director,Chairperson,MD26 Jul 1990---231
MrManoj B VadodariaNon-Executive - Non Independent Director,Shareholder Director18 Jul 1995---220
MrN R MehtaNon-Executive - Independent Director20 Sep 2017--60122
MrOm Prakash BhandariNon-Executive - Independent Director20 Sep 2014--60110
MsSeema G SaxenaNon-Executive - Independent Director29 Sep 2017--36100

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Annexure 2

Website Affirmations
ItemCompliance statusDetails of non-compliance

No Data Available

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Annexure 3
Broad headingRegulation NumberCompliance status
If status is “No” details of
Copy of the annual report including balance sheet, profit and loss account, directors report, corporate governance report, business responsibility report displayed on website46(2)Yes-
Presence of chairperson of audit committee at the annual general meeting18(1)(d)Yes-
Presence of chairperson of the nomination and remuneration committee at the annual general meeting19(3)Yes-
Whether corporate governance report disclosed in annual report34(3) read with para C of Schedule VYes-

Signatory Details

Name of signatoryPalak Asawa
Designation of personCompliance Officer