Corporate Governance

Scrip Code :532785 Quarter Ending : June 2017

Annexure 1

Composition of Board of Directors
TitleName of the DirectorCategoryInitial Date of Appointment Date of Appointment in Current Term (Date of Re-appointment)Date of cessationTenure of Director (in months)No of Directorship in listed entities including this listed entityNumber of memberships in Audit/ Stakeholder Committee(s) including this listed entityNo of post of Chairperson in Audit/ Stakeholder Committee held in listed entities including this listed entity
MrAVTAR SINGHNon-Executive - Independent Director25 Sep 2014--60110
MrDALBIR SINGHNon-Executive - Independent Director25 Sep 2014--60111
MrJATINDER SINGHExecutive Director,Chairperson01 Sep 2015---120
MrSUBHASH CHANDER GARGExecutive Director01 Sep 2015---110
MrSURINDER GUPTANon-Executive - Independent Director25 Sep 2014--60110
MrSWANTANTAR KUMAR DEWANNon-Executive - Independent Director25 Sep 2014--60111
MrUMESH CHANDER GARGExecutive Director,MD01 Sep 2015---100
MrVIPIN GUPTAExecutive Director01 Nov 2016---100
MrsSUHASINI YADAVNon-Executive - Independent Director25 Sep 2014--60100

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Annexure 2

Website Affirmations
ItemCompliance statusDetails of non-compliance

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