Shareholders Meetings
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To Date
Security Name
Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.22 Sep 2018
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.23 Sep 2017
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.24 Sep 2016
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.19 Sep 2015
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.20 Sep 2014
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.21 Sep 2013
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.22 Sep 2012
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.17 Sep 2011
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.18 Sep 2010
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.19 Sep 2009
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.20 Sep 2008
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsE.G.M.01 May 2008
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.29 Sep 2007
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.26 Aug 2006
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.06 Aug 2005
519031SHAHFOODPackaged FoodsA.G.M.21 Sep 2002

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