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Shareholders Meetings

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Security Name

Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
507815GILLETTEPersonal ProductsA.G.M.30 Nov 2018
500459PGHHPersonal ProductsA.G.M.29 Nov 2018
539910KOCLMovies & EntertainmentPostal Ballot25 Nov 2018
541540SOLARAPharmaceuticalsPostal Ballot23 Nov 2018
533068ARROWTEXOther Apparels & AccessoriesPostal Ballot22 Nov 2018
540145VALIANTORGPharmaceuticalsCourt Convened Meeting22 Nov 2018
519262PRIMAGROther Agricultural ProductsA.G.M.19 Nov 2018
531246PRIMAINEdible OilsA.G.M.19 Nov 2018
519091TASTYBITPackaged FoodsPostal Ballot18 Nov 2018
532797AUTOINDAuto Parts & EquipmentPostal Ballot17 Nov 2018
539113PMLFinance (including NBFCs)Postal Ballot17 Nov 2018
532329DANLAWIT Software ProductsPostal Ballot16 Nov 2018
532285GEOJITFSLOther Financial ServicesPostal Ballot16 Nov 2018
532847HILTONOther Industrial ProductsE.G.M.16 Nov 2018
539984HUILElectronic ComponentsPostal Ballot16 Nov 2018
531260YKMINDPackaged FoodsE.G.M.16 Nov 2018
520057JTEKTINDIAAuto Parts & EquipmentCourt Convened Meeting15 Nov 2018
505163ZFSTEERINGAuto Parts & EquipmentPostal Ballot15 Nov 2018
532759ATLANTAConstruction & EngineeringA.G.M.14 Nov 2018
540047DBLRoads & HighwaysPostal Ballot14 Nov 2018
533137DENBroadcasting & Cable TVE.G.M.14 Nov 2018
514336GENESISBiotechnologyPostal Ballot14 Nov 2018
532708GVKPILElectric UtilitiesA.G.M.14 Nov 2018
533162HATHWAYBroadcasting & Cable TVE.G.M.14 Nov 2018
533451KARMAENGElectric UtilitiesPostal Ballot14 Nov 2018
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