Shareholders Meetings
From Date
To Date
Security Name
Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
543249TARCRealtyA.G.M.21 Dec 2021
532149BANKINDIABanksE.G.M.15 Dec 2021
531370SPARCSYSIT Consulting & SoftwarePostal Ballot01 Dec 2021
530413ASIANVEOther Agricultural ProductsA.G.M.30 Nov 2021
531784KCLINFRAConstruction & EngineeringA.G.M.30 Nov 2021
521161SLSTLQTextilesA.G.M.29 Nov 2021
500109MRPLRefineries/ Petro-ProductsCourt Convened Meeting26 Nov 2021
507815GILLETTEPersonal ProductsA.G.M.23 Nov 2021
532154JOHNPHARMAMisc.Commercial ServicesPostal Ballot23 Nov 2021
532978BAJAJFINSVHolding CompaniesPostal Ballot22 Nov 2021
500490BAJAJHLDNGHolding CompaniesPostal Ballot22 Nov 2021
500034BAJFINANCEFinance (including NBFCs)Postal Ballot22 Nov 2021
521244CHITRTXTextilesA.G.M.22 Nov 2021
502865FORBESCOIndustrial MachineryCourt Convened Meeting22 Nov 2021
512237JAICORPLTDPlastic ProductsA.G.M.22 Nov 2021
530891RKBFibres & PlasticsA.G.M.20 Nov 2021
526477SAENTEROther Leisure FacilitiesA.G.M.20 Nov 2021
512493GARNETINTOther Financial ServicesPostal Ballot19 Nov 2021
540774IFGLEXPOROther Industrial GoodsE.G.M.19 Nov 2021
500300GRASIMCement & Cement ProductsPostal Ballot18 Nov 2021
539562AARNAVOther Financial ServicesCourt Convened Meeting17 Nov 2021
532960DHANIOther Financial ServicesE.G.M.17 Nov 2021
500459PGHHPersonal ProductsA.G.M.17 Nov 2021
517096APLABOther Elect.Equip./ Prod.A.G.M.16 Nov 2021
504000ELPROINTLOther Elect.Equip./ Prod.Postal Ballot16 Nov 2021

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