Shareholders Meetings
From Date
To Date
Security Name
Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
532389VALECHAENGConstructionA.G.M.30 Dec 2022
500126PGHLHealthcareA.G.M.23 Nov 2022
543523CAMPUSConsumer DurablesA.G.M.18 Nov 2022
507815GILLETTEFast Moving Consumer GoodsA.G.M.18 Nov 2022
500459PGHHFast Moving Consumer GoodsA.G.M.15 Nov 2022
500800TATACONSUMFast Moving Consumer GoodsCourt Convened Meeting12 Nov 2022
533573APLLTDHealthcareA.G.M.11 Nov 2022
505890KENNAMETCapital GoodsA.G.M.11 Nov 2022
540254MTPLFinancial ServicesA.G.M.10 Nov 2022
532478UBLFast Moving Consumer GoodsPostal Ballot10 Nov 2022
500264MAFATINDTextilesPostal Ballot09 Nov 2022
532478UBLFast Moving Consumer GoodsPostal Ballot09 Nov 2022
590057EQUIPPPServicesPostal Ballot08 Nov 2022
543539MODISRealtyPostal Ballot06 Nov 2022
543171ROJLConsumer DurablesPostal Ballot04 Nov 2022
533761GPTINFRAConstructionPostal Ballot03 Nov 2022
540377IFLServicesPostal Ballot02 Nov 2022
532067KILPESTChemicalsCourt Convened Meeting02 Nov 2022
533096ADANIPOWERPowerCourt Convened Meeting01 Nov 2022
542066ATGLOil, Gas & Consumable FuelsPostal Ballot01 Nov 2022
533248GPPLServicesPostal Ballot01 Nov 2022
500188HINDZINCMetals & MiningPostal Ballot01 Nov 2022
532742PAUSHAKLTDChemicalsPostal Ballot01 Nov 2022
539118VRLLOGServicesPostal Ballot01 Nov 2022
524348AARTIDRUGSHealthcarePostal Ballot31 Oct 2022

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