Shareholders Meetings
From Date
To Date
Security Name
Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
517370INCAPCapital GoodsA.G.M.28 Sep 2024
513252JAYUSHAutomobile and Auto ComponentsA.G.M.28 Sep 2024
511333VLSFINANCEFinancial ServicesA.G.M.28 Sep 2024
514087PBMPOLYTextilesA.G.M.27 Sep 2024
542057BCPLConstructionA.G.M.26 Sep 2024
520059MUNJALAUAutomobile and Auto ComponentsA.G.M.26 Sep 2024
524727SDLHealthcareA.G.M.26 Sep 2024
539979DIGJAMLMTDTextilesA.G.M.23 Sep 2024
540124GNAAutomobile and Auto ComponentsA.G.M.19 Sep 2024
517168SUBROSAutomobile and Auto ComponentsA.G.M.18 Sep 2024
532895NAGREEKCAPFinancial ServicesA.G.M.17 Sep 2024
543600HARSHACapital GoodsA.G.M.16 Sep 2024
532806AICHAMPForest MaterialsA.G.M.14 Sep 2024
517059SALZERELECCapital GoodsA.G.M.14 Sep 2024
543266HERANBAChemicalsA.G.M.12 Sep 2024
541578VARROCAutomobile and Auto ComponentsA.G.M.12 Sep 2024
500645DEEPAKFERTChemicalsA.G.M.10 Sep 2024
540954IWPForest MaterialsA.G.M.10 Sep 2024
505196TILCapital GoodsA.G.M.10 Sep 2024
526367GANESHHOUCRealtyA.G.M.09 Sep 2024
507598KLRFMFast Moving Consumer GoodsA.G.M.09 Sep 2024
502958LAKSHMIMILTextilesA.G.M.09 Sep 2024
523116SANCTRNServicesA.G.M.09 Sep 2024
521034SOMATEXTextilesA.G.M.07 Sep 2024
500343AMJLANDRealtyA.G.M.06 Sep 2024

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