Corporate Governance

Scrip Code :524204 Quarter Ending : March 2022

Annexure 2

Annual Affirmation
Sr.ParticularsRegulation NumberCompliance status
If status is “No” details of non-compliance
1Independent directors have been appointed in terms of specified criteria of independence and or eligibility16(1)(b) & 25(6)Yes-
2Board composition17(1)Yes-
3Meeting of board of directors17(2)Yes-
4Review of compliance reports17(3)Yes-
5Plans for orderly succession for appointments17(4)Yes-
6Code of conduct17(5)Yes-
7Fees or compensation17(6)Yes-
8Minimum information17(7)Yes-
9Compliance certificate17(8)Yes-
10Risk assessment and management17(9)Yes-
11Performance evaluation of independent directors17(10)Yes-
12Composition of audit committee18(1)Yes-
13Meeting of audit committee18(2)Yes-
14Composition of nomination and remuneration committee19(1) & (2)Yes-
15Composition of stakeholder relationship committee20(1) & (2)Yes-
16Composition and role of risk management committee21(1),(2),(3),(4)NA-
17Vigil mechanism22Yes-
18Disclosure of shareholding by non-executive directors-NA-
19Policy for related party transaction23(1),(5),(6),(7) & (8)Yes-
20Prior or omnibus approval of audit committee for all related party transactions23(2), (3)Yes-
21Approval for material related party transactions23(4)NA-
22Composition of board of directors of unlisted material subsidiary24(1)Yes-
23Other corporate governance requirements with respect to subsidiary of listed entity24(2),(3),(4),(5) & (6)Yes-
24Maximum directorship and tenure25(1) & (2)Yes-
25Meeting of independent directors25(3) & (4)Yes-
26Familiarization of independent directors25(7)Yes-
27Memberships in committees26(1)Yes-
28Affirmation with compliance to code of conduct from members of board of directors and senior management personnel26(3)Yes-
29Disclosure of shareholding by non-executive directors26(4)Yes-
30Policy with respect to obligations of directors and senior management26(2) & 26(5)Yes-