Urban Strata

As there is much variance in the size of towns, towns within a Homogeneous Region (HR) were stratified further on the basis of their size. All towns of an HR were stratified into four strata, based on the number of households in 2011, as follows :

S.No. Category Households
1 Very Large Town More than 200,000
2 Large Town Between 60,000 and 200,000
3 Medium Sized Between 20,000 and 60,000
4 Small Towns less than 20,000

One or more towns were randomly selected from each of these size-bins. A total of 326 towns were selected through this process. From each of these towns, 21 Census Enumeration Blocks (CEB) were randomly selected. A CEB is a cluster of about 100-125 neighbouring households. Households were then selected through a process of systematic random sampling from each of the CEB. A total of 7523 CEBs and 112,657 urban households were selected through this process.