Round Wise Execution

The survey is executed by a door-to-door administration of the questionnaire as per a fixed plan. The plan consists of the following steps:
  • There are three rounds of survey each year. Each round is surveyed in a period of four months. Each round is divided into four equal slots of a month. In each slot 42,041 household are surveyed. The entire sample of 168,165 households is surveyed in a round. Each household is mapped to three Slots that are four months apart each and this mapping remains fixed.
    Round wise Survey
    Slot1 Slot2 Slot3 Slot4
    Round1 January February March April
    Round2 May June July August
    Round3 September October November December
  • Execution during a month is organised into weekly plans. Before the beginning of a week, the precise visits to households of the Slot are fixed.
  • Execution is then monitored for timely execution and quality.
  • Data is collected from the field on hand-held GPS enabled phone devices. Data from these are uploaded from the field immediately after completion of survey and cross-checked centrally to ensure plausibility of the entries.
  • Execution is tracked using multiple tools – including GPS location tracking, call-backs and ground supervision.