Data Sampling Estimation

Estimations of the 30-day moving average are based on a survey design of a stratified sample over rural and urban areas. The goal is to generate daily consumer sentiment indices and unemployment rate with a sample size of about 1,400 households. However, as a matter of caution, estimation of 30-day moving average is done first by using the data collected during the preceding 30 days. This is derived from a sample of over 82,000 individuals from about 25,500 households. About 10,100 households are surveyed every week. Further, execution of the monthly sample is well-distributed over rural and urban regions to enable weekly estimation of consumer sentiments and unemployment rate at the all-India level. The sample size of 40,200 household per month is well distributed over the country to enable estimation of monthly consumer sentiment indices and unemployment rate. Besides the large sample, technology and precision in execution enable the production of Indices. Monthly estimations are based on a more refined survey design of state-level stratification of rural and urban areas. The employment / unemployment status of an individual is recorded as of the date of the survey.