Employment Status

The size of the labour force and unemployment rate is estimated by interviewing a large sample of randomly selected households that are categorized into one of the following statuses with respect to employment / unemployment (as of the date of the survey).

  • Currently employed
  • Not employed but is willing to work and is actively looking for a job
  • Not employed, is willing to work but is not actively looking for a job
  • Not employed, is not willing to work and is not looking for a job
The unemployment rate is computed as the sum of number of persons not employed but willing to work and actively looking for a job as a per cent of the total labour force, where the total labour force is the sum of all those who are employed and those who are not employed but are willing and looking for a job.

If there is ambiguity about the status of an individual on the day of the survey (as it could be for a daily wage worker) the status as of the day preceding the day of the interview is considered. This recall of a status that is in very close proximity to the date of the survey ensures accurate observations of the status.