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Trading Mechanism

  • Screen based trading : All SLB transactions (Lending and Borrowing, and Recalls and Early Returns) will take place on a single automated, screen based, order-matching platform which will be provided to the eligible participants. Matching will be on price-time priority.
    All eligible participants can login to the SLB platform through BOLT. Once logged in, two windows will open simultaneously for SLB and BOLT. Users can toggle between the windows using "ALT+F5"

  • Eligible Securities : All securities available for trading in F&O segment are permitted. Securities lending and borrowing is permitted in dematerialized form only.

    Click here to download securities available for borrowing.

    BOISL will from time to time announce the addition / removal of the securities to / from the list of eligible securities. The securities in which there are corporate actions are subject to either foreclosure of transactions or adjustment depending on the type of corporate action.

  • Product Specifications :

  • Approved Intermediary BOISL
    Eligible Securities All securities traded in the Derivatives Segment
    Trading Hours 9:15 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
    Series All eligible Securities will have a 12 monthly contracts available at any time.
    Order Type Borrow / Recall Lend / Early Return
    Permitted lot size 1
    Tick Size Rs 0.01
    Last Trading Day For any given stock return day, the last day to borrow and lend will be the third business day prior to the stock return day. If the stock return day is a holiday, then the return will take place on the Immediately Preceding Trading Day.
    Stock Return Day (SRD) The day on which the Borrower will return the securities to the Lender.
    Corporate Action Foreclosed except for dividends and stock splits

  • Security Logic :
    The format of the Security code is as below: Security Identifier (3 digit), Date(7)
    Example: RIL01Nov10
    Security Identifier- RIL is the Security identifier for Reliance
    Date: Day(2 digit),Month(3 digit),Year(2 digit)

  • Contract Examples :

  • No. of Contracts Security ID First Trade Day Last Trade Day Stock Return Day
    1 RIL27SEP12 30-Aug-12 24-Sep-12 27-Sep-12
    2 RIL25OCT12 30-Aug-12 19-Oct-12 25-Oct-12
    3 RIL29NOV12 30-Aug-12 30-Aug-12 29-Nov-12
    4 RIL27DEC12 30-Aug-12 21-Dec-12 27-Dec-12
    5 RIL31JAN13 30-Aug-12 28-Jan-13 31-Jan-13
    6 RIL28FEB13 30-Aug-12 25-Feb-13 28-Feb-13
    7 RIL28MAR13 30-Aug-12 25-Mar-13 28-Mar-13
    8 RIL25APR13 30-Aug-12 22-Apr-13 25-Apr-13
    9 RIL30MAY13 30-Aug-12 27-May-13 30-May-13
    10 RIL27JUN13 30-Aug-12 24-Jun-13 27-Jun-13
    11 RIL25JUL13 30-Aug-12 22-Jul-13 25-Jul-13
    12 RIL29AUG13 30-Aug-12 26-Aug-13 29-Aug-13

  • Screen Layout

BSE Trading Mechanism