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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for SLB Participants:

  1. All categories of investors including retail, institutional etc. will be permitted to borrow and lend securities. All Clearing members including Banks and Custodians referred to as ‘Participant’ are eligible to participate in SLB Platform. In order to participate in SLB, clearing members have to register as Participants in SLB. For this purpose, the eligible persons are required to follow the registration procedure as specified below. Application to ICCL

  2. Application to ICCL
    Member Agreement with ICCL (Part A#)
    Deposit additional base capital for margins
    Fulfill all conditions specified in SEBI / ICCL circular
    Member Agreement with Clients (Part B#) and complete all KYC Formalities
    Activation of the Members

  3. ICCL, CMs and the clients shall enter into a master agreement (in two parts) specifying the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties to the agreement. The agreement shall include the basic conditions for lending and borrowing of securities as prescribed under the scheme. In this regard, there would be one master agreement with two individual parts to the same. The first part of the agreement would be between the AI and the CMs and the second part of the agreement would be between the CMs and the clients.

  4. Registered SLB Participants can transact either on their own account or on behalf of their clients. In case of participating on account of clients, the SLB Participants are required to enter into an agreement with each client as per the format specified by AI. The Participant need to apply to ICCL for allotment of a “Unique client ID” for each client with whom they have entered into the agreement for participating in SLB.

  5. The formats of Agreement between ICCL & Participant and Participant & Client along with the procedure of UCI allotment to clients is available in the download section

Eligible Securities

All securities available for trading in F&O segment are permitted. Securities lending and borrowing is permitted in dematerialized form only.

Click on the link for securities available for borrowing: