Listing Fees

The schedule of Annual Listing Fees from FY 2024-25 is given below:

A. Listing Fee Structure based on Paid up Capital:
Initial Listing Fee Rs. 20,000
Particulars of Listed Capital (Rs.)
Amount (Rs.)
Amount (Rs.)
  Exclusively Listed Companies Commonly Listed Companies#

Upto 100 Crore

3,25,000 2,85,000
Above 100 Crore and upto 200 Crore
Above 200 Crore and upto 300 Crore
Above 300 Crore and upto 400 Crore
Above 400 Crore and upto 500 Crore
Above 500 Crore to 1000 Crore

Rs.7,00,000/- and an additional listing fee of Rs. 4,560/- for every increase of Rs. 5 crores or part thereof above 500 crores in the paid up share capital

Above 1000 Crore 
Rs.11,60,000/- and an additional listing fee of Rs.4,870/- for every increase of Rs. 5 crores or part thereof above 1,000 crores in the paid up share capital.
* Plus Applicable Taxes

# Commonly Listed Companies – Companies Listed on Stock Exchange(s) having nationwide presence
  • The capital to be considered for the above schedule includes equity shares, preference shares, Indian Depository Receipts, Fully convertible debentures, partly convertible debentures and any other security convertible into equity shares.
  • In case of debenture capital (not convertible into equity shares) listed prior to April 1, 2017, the fees applicable will be 75% of the above fees.
  • Fees are applicable for the full year.
  • In case of InvITs / REITs capital (Public issue) the fees applicable will be 75% of the above fees, subject to minimum of Rs. 200,000.
B. Annual Listing Fees based on the Market Capitalisation:
a) Incremental fees for listed companies with market capitalization above Rs 2,500 crore as Rs 5,000/- per Rs. 1000 crore.
b) The above incremental fee due to market capitalization is capped at Rs. 20 Lakhs (excluding the component towards paid-up capital)
c) For the purpose of this computation, market capitalization is calculated as follows:
i. Monthly average market capitalization = Highest market capitalization during the month and lowest market capitalization during the month
ii. Average of the above for the twelve months period preceding the invoicing date.
* Plus Applicable Taxes

The schedule of Annual Listing Fees - Privately Placed Debt Instruments (PPDIs) from November 1, 2023 is given below:

Particulars Amount*
Initial Listing Fee Rs.20,000
Processing fees  

(Applicable only to Private Companies)
Rs.4,500/- per ISIN

(If the parent company is a public limited company or a listed entity - Rs. 2,500/- per ISIN)
Annual Listing Fees Chargeable - Issue Size Per ISIN
Up to Rs.100 crore Rs. 70,000
Above Rs.100 crore and up to Rs.200 crores Rs. 90,000
Above Rs.200 crores and up to Rs.300 crores
Rs. 120,000
Above Rs.300 crores and up to Rs.400 crores Rs. 150,000
Above Rs.400 crores and up to Rs.500 crores Rs. 250,000
Above Rs. 500 Crores

Rs. 250,000 plus an additional listing fee of Rs. 1,000/- for every increase of Rs. 1 crore or part thereof above the issue size of Rs. 500 crores subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs

Annual Listing Fee payable by an Issuer shall be limited to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs.
* Plus Applicable Taxes

The revised fees shall be applicable on the incremental debt securities to be listed on and after November 01, 2023 and to the existing Capital.

Fees for SME Segment

The Annual Fees is Rs 25,000/- or 0.01% of full market capitalization, whichever is higher. The basis of calculation of Market Capitalization will be the closing price as on 31st March or the last day of trading in the financial year.

Fees for Mutual Fund Segment

Particulars Amount
Initial Listing Fee NIL
Annual Listing Fee for tenure of the scheme Payable per ‘month or part thereof’
Issue size up to Rs. 50 Crs. Rs. 1000
Above Rs.50 Crs. and upto Rs.100 Crs. Rs. 1300
Above Rs.100 Crs. and upto Rs.300 Crs. Rs. 2800
Above Rs.300 Crs. and upto Rs.500 Crs Rs. 5300
Above Rs.500 Crs. and upto Rs.1000 Crs Rs. 9300
Above Rs.1000 Crs. Rs 14800
Processing Fees
Per Single Scheme Information Document (SID)
Rs 10000

  • For tenure beyond One month, fees are payable for one month or any part thereof.