Bid A bid is the demand for a security on behalf of an investor that is entered by the syndicate/sub-syndicate members in the system. The two main components of a bid are the price and the quantity.

Bidder The person who has placed a bid in the Book Building process.

Book Running Lead Manager The lead merchant bankers appointed by the Issuer Company are referred to as the Book Running Lead Managers. The names of the Book Running Lead Managers are mentioned in the offer document of the Issuer Company.

Floor Price The minimum offer price below which bids can not be entered. The Issuer Company in consultation with the Book Running Lead Managers fixes the floor price.

Merchant Banker An entity registered under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Merchant Bankers) Regulations, 1999.

Syndicate Members The Book Running Lead Managers to the issue appoint the Syndicate Members, who enter the bids of investors in the book building system. Syndicate Members are intermediaries registered with SEBI who also carry on the activity of underwriting.

Order Book It is an 'electronic book' that shows the demand for the shares of the company at various prices on a real time basis.