Equity Portfolio Structuring & Stock Analysis

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§    Awareness of the Global Economic Crisis

§    Comprehend Market Dynamics of Equity Markets and Mutual Funds that influence Investments

§    Interpret Financial and Non Financial Data to analyze and value stocks

§    Get a basic yet firm understanding of the concept of Time Value of Money and it’s Application in Valuation of Equity and the various traditional and contemporary techniques applied in the Valuation Process

§    Understand Asset Allocation & Optimal Investing

§    Briefly examine Value and Growth Investment Styles through Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch

§    Investor Psyche and Pitfalls

§    Compute Returns and Risk

§    Risk Profiling…Objectives & Constraints

§    Portfolio Construction, Review and Rebalancing

§    Create a Strategic or Tactical or Integrated Portfolio on basis of Investor Risk Profile

§    Qualities required in a Professional Advisor

§    Building Client Relationships….Translating Theory into Application and Academics into Action

§    Portfolio, Pedigree, Psyche and Perspective


Key Highlights of the Programme:


Programme consists of Five Fundamental Modules


Module 1: Overview of the Economy

India on the Move… Global Financial Crisis….Reading the Union Budget…. Eleventh Five Year Plan…. Oil…… Interest, Inflation and Exchange Rate……Savings, Investment &                                 Consumption…..Infrastructure Boost…. Politics of Economy


Module 2: Market Dynamics

Sensex Valuation…. FII Impact…. Liquidity, Sentiment, Momentum, Value…. Decoupling Theory…. Corporate Earnings…. Global Cues…. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization…Leveraging the India Story…..Derivative Play…India Vision 2025


Module 3: Valuation

Time Value of Money… Interpretation of Financial Statements for Stock Analysis… Relative Valuation… Absolute Valuation… Contemporary Valuation… Price V/s Value


Module 4: Portfolio Allocation & Construction

Direct Equity v/s Mutual Funds: Interesting Angles….. Client’s Risk Profiling… Investor Mistakes… Improper Framing, Anchoring, Herding etc… Investment Approaches… Investor Gurus… Warren Buffett & Peter Lynch… Logical Thinking… Game Plays… Return & Risk…Portfolio Allocation… Portfolio Construction… Portfolio Measurement… Hedging


Module 5: Adding Value to Client Relationships

Integrity Tests… Awareness of Contemporary & Controversial Issues… Insider Trading… Street Smartness Quiz… Managing Sensitive Accounts… Evaluating Financial Products v/s Peer Offers… Suitable Stock Selection & Portfolio Churning… Boosting & Balancing both Employer & Client Interests


Benefits of Attending the Programme:


Participants will be able to


§    Appreciate that Wealth of Mind and Wealth of Money must move in tandem

§    Strengthen Micro and Macro Perspectives to help form Investment Strategies

§    Assess their Risk Profile and Construct an Equity Portfolio true to it

§    Understand Risk and Return and the Trade Off

§    Interpret Financial & Other Information to subjectively and objectively Analyse & Value Stocks

§    Think rationally and logically to avoid making Investment Mistakes

§    Interact actively with Faculty and a wide spectrum of participants 

§    Apply Theory to Practice and Academics to Action


Who Should Attend?


All those who believe in the sustainable INDIA Story and want to leverage on it through Equity Investments in the Primary and Secondary Markets and manage the Risks associated with such Investments


In short…all those who are


·     Already Investing and Trading in Equity

·     Advising others to Invest and Trade in Equity

·     Managing Equity Funds for Clients

·     Eager to Invest in Equity but are skeptical about the Integrity of Operations and Integrity of Advice


These should include…..


Equity Investors: Small Retail, High Net Worth, NRIs, Corporates, FIIs, Banks & Other Financial Institutions


Capital Market Intermediaries:

Stock Brokers (Directors, Employees, Franchisees, Associates, Remisiers, Sub brokers), Independent Financial Advisors & Employees of Mutual Funds, Financial Planners, Investment Strategists, Portfolio Managers, Business Journalists, Research Analysts, Equity Advisors and other financial intermediaries


Students: Those pursuing Business, Commerce, Insurance, Finance, Equity, Management studies at all levels


Course Fees: Fees Rs. 9000 Per Participant Plus 10.30 % Service Tax, as applicable.

Includes participant’s kit, refreshments & lunch and participation certificate.


Website: www.bseindia.com


E-mail: training@bseindia.com 


Course Coordinator:

Vispi Rusi Bhathena,

Phone: 022 - 6136 3155, 2272 8303
Fax: 022 - 2272 3250