Certification Program on Commodity & Currency Markets 

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Commodity & Currency segments are growing very rapidly in financial markets space. This program would help participants to understand qualitative & quantitative aspects of both the markets & their products and function along with the regulatory framework. There is a particular focus on the pricing, risk measurement principles & trading strategies which are globally applicable in these markets

An Overview of Commodity Market:


  • Introduction to global commodity markets
  • Historic  Significance of Commodity Markets & International Exchanges
  • Interlink age commodity – currency markets
  • Commodity Market dynamics
  • Product specifications

 An Overview of Currency Market:


  • Introduction to global currency markets
  • The historic significance of currency markets & international exchanges
  • Introduction to currency markets and currency derivatives/ Introduction to commodity markets
  • Regulatory framework: policies, functions & rights Integration of markets and their implications
  • Currency Market Dynamics
  • Product Specifications
  • Current Challenges and Opportunities

 Operation of Commodity & Currency market:


  • Membership criteria
  • Exchange Operation
  • Trading, Clearing & settlement
  • Inspection & compliance
  • Members Operation

Fundamental Analysis- Currency Markets:        


  •  Fundamental Analysis of Bullion - Gold / Silver
  •  Economic Fundamentals
  •  Behavioral aspect of Currency Markets

Fundamental Analysis- Commodity Markets:  


  • Bullion
  • Energy Products
  • Base Metals
  • Agri

 Technical Analysis:     


  • Understanding Technical analysis
  • Construction of charts, bar/ line, Arithmetic/logarithmic scales,  Trend-line, Channel,  Support , Resistance
  • Pattens
  • Oscillators
  • Dow Theory
  • Introduction to Japanese Candle Sticks.

 Application of Derivatives in Commodity & Currency Markets:


  • Introduction to Derivatives (forwards and Futures)
  • Currency/commodity Futures - Product Configuration and salient features.
  • Market Terminology - Open Interest, Volume, various positions etc..

Pricing to Commodity & Currency:     


  • Pricing of currency/commodity futures.
  • Pricing of Commodities Futures using Cost of  Carry Model

Trading Strategy for Currency and Commodity markets:


  • Strategy for hedgers
  • Strategy for speculators
  • Strategy for arbitragers
  • Uses of Currency/commodity Futures - View based trading, Hedging etc.

Risk management for Currency and Commodity markets:


  • Risk Management of the product – Margining, position limits and related concepts.
  • Risk management in Commodities Derivatives & Currency derivatives
    • VAR margin
    • ELM margin
    • Special margin
    • Position monitoring
  • Comparison of Risk management in Financial Derivatives and Commodities Derivatives
  • Risk management in both segment – challenges and opportunities

Mock Trading and Case Study:


  • Inter-Relation between Different Markets – Lessons for Currencies
  • Case studies on Catastrophe caused by Commodities Derivatives market
  • Commodities derivatives vs. Inflation – Much debated topic
  • Commodities in a globalizing economy



Research analysts in currency and commodity markets, Dealers, traders and brokers from securities and commodities markets, Treasurers and Financial Managers from banks and financial institutions, Risk Managers, Strategist, Students who aspire to pursue a career in commodity and currency markets




Rs. 18,000 +/- +10.3% (S. Tax and education cess) per participants’ inclusive tuition fees study materials & certificate




3 Month part time (M/W/F) - 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.




8 Full Days Weekend (Only Saturdays) - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm




The participants shall be provided an opportunity to be interviewed by the BTIL placement team and two successful candidates shall be selected for internship for a period of 1 month at the United Stock Exchange.

Only students who are graduated can avail this opportunity.

All successful students will be awarded the certification by BSE Training Institute Limited, Mumbai.




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