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Market Data Products


BSE Equities data is available in Real-time and as 1 minute snapshots Following data is available in the feed for Equities.

  • Level 1 Data contains the following information:
    • BSE Security Code
    • Open, High, Low and Last Traded Price
    • Best Bid / Offer with Volume
    • Traded Volume
  • Level 2 Data contains the following information in addition to the level 1 data:
    • Weighted Average Price
    • Upper Circuit Limit and Lower Circuit Limit
    • Turnover Value, Number of Trades, Trend
    • Total Buy Quantity and Total Sell Quantity


BSE provides trading opportunities for Equity and Index Derivatives. The data related to the trading of these instruments is available in the same format as the Equities data.
BSE currently has Index and Equity Futures contracts, Index and Equity Monthly Options contracts and Index and Equity Weekly Options contracts.
For the purpose of popularising the Derivatives trading on BSE, currently Derivatives data is being provided free of charge and without any reporting obligations for Real-time distributors.


BSE Indices are available through the feed in Real-time and as 1 minute snapshots.
All indices that are calculated on real-time are being provided in this feed. Open, High, Low and Latest Value of the Indices are provided in the feed.