BSE-Session Timings
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Session Timings
Session Time Action
Order Entry Period 9:00am - 9:45am Order Entry/Modification/Cancellation Allowed
Random stoppage between 9:44am - 9:45am

Dissemination of Indicative Price, Cumulative Buy & Sell quantity

Order Matching & Confirmation Period 9:45am - 9:55am Order matching, trade confirmation & Opening price determination

Order Entry/Modification/Cancellation NOT Allowed

Buffer Period 9:55am - 10:00am Buffer time between Pre-Open and Continuous session to ensure that Continuous session starts at a defined time

  • The continuous trading session for the set of Securities participating in the special pre-open session will immediately commence after the new pre-open session ends and subject to certain conditions after price discovery. The two sessions, continuous and the special pre-open will not run concurrently for the above-mentioned set of Securities.

  • In case of Relisted Securities, system will schedule another round of special pre-open session if equilibrium price is not discovered.