Session Timings
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Session Timings
Session Time Action
Order Entry Period 9:00am - 9:07/08am Order Addition/Modification/Cancellation

Random stoppage between 7th and 8th minute

Dissemination of Indicative Price, Cumulative buy & sale Quantity & Indicative Index

Uniform price band of 20% is applicable

Order Matching & Confirmation Period 9:08am - 9.12am No Order Addition/Modification/Cancellation

Opening price determination, order matching and trade confirmation & trade confirmation

Buffer Period 9:12am - 9:15am To facilitate transition between pre open and continuous trading session

Continuous Trading Session    9:15am – 3:30pm    Trades occur continuously as orders match at time/price priority
  • With the introduction of the Call Auction session the trading day will look like:

  • The continuous trading session will commence only after the pre open session ends. The two trading sessions, continuous and call auction (pre-open) sessions will not run concurrently.
  • The block deal trading session (35 minutes) will start with the commencement of the continuous session.