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India Index Dashboard
Synopsis of India Index Dashboard for February 2015:

  • Before the weekend, February looked to be an indifferent month for the Indian markets and when PM Narendra Modi’s highly anticipated first budget arrived on Saturday, an extra trading session gave Indian investors the chance to share their verdict. The traders judged the budget to be business friendly, adding 141 points to the S&P BSE SENSEX to make it 0.6% for the month.
  • Growth companies had a good month, although not if they were new joiners to the party. The S&P BSE IPO index of recently listed companies lost 5.2% in February while - top of our strategy charts this month - the S&P India LargeCap Growth extended its year-to-date lead with a rise of 2.9%.

For more information, refer to India Index Dashboard February, 2015

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