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BSE Limited launched "S&P BSE PSU Index" on 4 June 2001. This index consists of major Public Sector Undertakings listed on BSE. The S&P BSE PSU Index is displayed on-line on the BOLT trading terminals nationwide.

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a. An Index to track the performance of listed equity of PSU companies
b. A suitable benchmark for the Central Government to monitor its wealth on the bourses.

Index Specification:

Base Year

February 01, 1999

Base Index Value


Date of Launch

June 04, 2001

Method of calculation

Full market capitalization method

Number of scrips

All PSU stocks in S&P BSE-500 index

Index calculation frequency

Real Time

Index calculation and maintenance

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Historical Notices

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The Base Date for the S&P BSE PSU Index is 1st February 1999, the date when the S&P BSE 500 was launched. Being a subset of S&P BSE 500, the S&P BSE PSU Index ensures a reasonable history of how the Central Government wealth fluctuated on the bourses. The Base Value for the S&P BSE PSU Index has been set at 1000 to ensure adequacy in terms of daily index movement.

Scrip selection criteria for S&P BSE PSU Index

For consideration of scrips for inclusion in S&P BSE PSU index, Public Sector Undertaking refers to any undertaking wherein the Central Government holding is equal to or more than 51%. Since S&P BSE PSU index is a subset of S&P BSE-500 index, scrips that form part of S&P BSE-500 index automatically get included in S&P BSE PSU index.


BSE and S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) have entered into an alliance to calculate, disseminate, and license the widely followed suite of BSE indices from February 19, 2013, pursuant to which the corporate action policy for all S&P BSE Indices will be implemented in line with that of prevailing S&P DJI policy.

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