Disclosures - SAST (Pledge)
Security Name
Disclosures by the Promoter(s) for creation / invocation / release of encumbrance in terms of Regulation 31(1) and 31 (2) of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011
Security CodeCompanyReporting DateName of the promoter(s) or PACs with him**Promoter holding in the target company (1)Promoter holding already encumbered (2)Details of events pertaining to Encumbrance (3)Post event holding of encumbered shares [creation[(2)+(3]/release [(2)-(3)]/invocation[(2)-(3)]]
No of shares% of total share capital% w.r.t diluteed shares capital (*)No. of shares% of the total share capitalType of event ( creation /release/invocation)Date of creation/invocation release of encumbranceNo of shares% of total share capitalName of Entity(***)No of shares% of total share capital
500024Assam Company India Ltd13/01/2017Dune Leasing & Finance Ltd45316431.46 39300000.2Release21/11/201633000001.076300000.2
500024Assam Company India Ltd16/01/2017Dune Leasing & Finance Ltd45316431.48 6300000.2Creation13/01/201725000000.8131300001.01
532548Century Plyboards (India) Ltd16/01/2017Sajjan Bhajanka2523295411.36 50000002.25Release12/01/201732500001.4617500000.79
532548Century Plyboards (India) Ltd16/01/2017Sanjay Agarwal2420012410.8950000002.25Release12/01/201732500001.4617500000.79
532548Century Plyboards (India) Ltd16/01/2017Hari Prasad Agarwala24357601.110000000.45Release12/01/201710000000.4500
500093Crompton Greaves Ltd16/01/2017Avantha Holdings Ltd21544249634.37 17273300027.56Release12/01/2017246260003.9314810700023.63
500093Crompton Greaves Ltd16/01/2017Avantha Holdings Ltd21544249634.3714810700023.63Release12/01/201725057000412305000019.63
500093Crompton Greaves Ltd16/01/2017Avantha Holdings Ltd21544249634.3712305000019.63Creation13/01/2017246260003.9314767600023.56
532754GMR Infrastructure Ltd16/01/2017GMR Enterprises Pvt Ltd287824509847.69 240320121639.81Release13/01/2017108308070.18239237040939
514300Pioneer Embroideries Ltd14/01/2017Pioneer e - com Fashions LLP14841796.89 10000004.64Release10/01/20175000002.325000002.32
514300Pioneer Embroideries Ltd14/01/2017Pioneer e - com Fashions LLP379754717.62379754717.62Release10/01/2017369391817.141036290.18
532748Prime Focus Ltd17/01/2017Naresh Malhotra6220154620.8120.81 4825732816.14Release12/01/201718752350.634638209315.51
517411Shyam Telecom Ltd02/01/2017Cellcap Invofin India Pvt Ltd8180817.25 8000007.09Release26/12/20165500004.882500002.21
517411Shyam Telecom Ltd02/01/2017A T Invofin India Pvt Ltd8098907.18 8000007.09Release26/12/20165500004.882500002.21
517411Shyam Telecom Ltd02/01/2017Intell Invofin India Pvt Ltd169780715.06 160000014.19Release26/12/201611000009.765000004.43
517411Shyam Telecom Ltd16/01/2017Cellcap Invofin India Pvt Ltd8180817.25 2500002.21Release06/01/20172500002.2100
517411Shyam Telecom Ltd16/01/2017A T Invofin India Pvt Ltd8098907.18 2500002.21Release06/01/20172500002.2100
533569SRS Ltd16/01/2017BTL Holding Company Ltd14124560850.7 3969740014.25Invocation12/01/2017450000.023965240014.23
507205Tilaknagar Industries Ltd11/01/2017Shivani Amit Dahanukar3297604326.43 1964250015.74Release11/01/201711875000.951845500014.79

(***) Name of the entity in whose favor shares encumbered.
(**) The names of the promoters, their shareholding in the target company and their pledged shareholding as on the reporting date should appear in the table irrespective of whether they are reporting on the date of event or not.
(*)Total share capital to be taken as per the latest filing done by the company to the Stock Exchange under Clause 35 of the listing Agreement. Diluted share/voting capital means the total number of shares in the Target Company assuming full conversion of the outstanding convertible securities/warrants into equity shares of the Target Company.