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Security CodeSecurity NameIndustryPurposeMeeting Date
9502481419IFLPL16Financial InstitutionsGeneral26 Aug 2016
500488ABBOTINDIAPharmaceuticalsQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
538935ABHIFINConsulting ServicesGeneral26 Aug 2016
531082ALANKITOther Financial ServicesBonus issue,General,Quarterly Results,Stock Split26 Aug 2016
539288AVISpecialty ChemicalsGeneral26 Aug 2016
539091CITLInvestment CompaniesGeneral26 Aug 2016
530333EMGEECAOther Elect.Equip./ Prod.General26 Aug 2016
500940FINOLEXINDPlastic ProductsQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
531854FUNWTRDOther Leisure FacilitiesGeneral26 Aug 2016
531813GANGAPAPaper & Paper ProductsGeneral26 Aug 2016
532767GAYAPROJConstruction & EngineeringGeneral,Quarterly Results26 Aug 2016
517300GIPCLElectric UtilitiesQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
532015GRAVITYTextilesGeneral26 Aug 2016
526871INTECCAPOther Financial ServicesGeneral26 Aug 2016
506943JBCHEPHARMPharmaceuticalsQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
514034JBFINDFibres & PlasticsQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
539562KAYELOther Financial ServicesGeneral26 Aug 2016
506528KELENRGSpecialty ChemicalsQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
526251MIDEASTPOther Financial ServicesGeneral26 Aug 2016
524654NATCAPSUQPharmaceuticalsPreferential Issue of shares26 Aug 2016
532912NET4Internet Software & ServicesQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
500459PGHHPersonal ProductsAudited Results,Dividend26 Aug 2016
534060PMCFINFinance (including NBFCs)General26 Aug 2016
500192PRAGBOSTextilesGeneral26 Aug 2016
532718PRATIBHAConstruction & EngineeringQuarterly Results26 Aug 2016
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