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NOC under Regulation 37

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Company NameDate of UploadingDraft Scheme / NOC DocumentComplaint ReportObservation Letter of ExchangeRemarks
BHARTI AIRTEL LTD.13/11/2017 20171113115729-Bharti - - The Scheme provides for the transfer of the OFC Undertaking (as defined under Clause 1.14 of Part A of the draft Scheme) of the Bharti Airtel Limited to the Telesonic Networks Limited, on a going concern basis by way of a Slump Sale.
NILA INFRASTRUCTURES LTD. 31/10/2017 20171031175452-NILA INFRASTRUCTURES - - A scheme of demerger among Nila Infrastructures Ltd. (demerged company) and Parmananday Superstructure Ltd. (resulting company).
RENAISSANCE JEWELLERY LIMITED 30/10/2017 - - Scheme of Amalgamation of House full International Ltd and N kumar Diamonds Exports Limited (WOS's) with Renaissance Jewellary Ltd.
TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LTD.26/10/2017 20171026172709-TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE - - Scheme of Amalgamation of Transwarranty Consultants Private Limited (the Wholly owned Subsidiary) with TRANSWARRANTY FINANCE LTD.
MindTree Limited18/10/2017 20171018134304-Certified Scheme copy.pdf - - Scheme of Amalgamation of Magnet 360 LLC (the Wholly owned Subsidiary) with Mindtree Limited
SWORD & SHIELD PHARMA LTD. 18/10/2017 - - Scheme of Arrangement in the nature Amalgamation of Sword & Shield Pharma Limited and Praveg Communications Limited.
Jaiprakash Associates Ltd.13/10/2017 20171103140230-Complaints Report_JAL.pdf 20171116150144-Observation Letter.pdf Scheme of Arrangement between Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JAL), Jaypee Infrastructure Development Limited (JIDL) and their respective shareholders & creditors.
ZEE ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES LTD12/10/2017 20171103175257-Compliant report.pdf 20171117123933-revised zee.pdf Scheme of Arrangement & Amalgamation between Zee Digital Convergence Limited (‘ZDCL’), India Webportal Private Limited (‘IWPL’), Zee Unimedia Limited (‘ZUL’), Sarthak Entertainment Private Limited (‘SEPL’) and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (‘ZEEL’)
PG INDUSTRY LTD.11/10/2017 20171116102420-Complaint Report.pdf - Scheme of the Amalgamation of Priceless Overseas Limited (the Amalgamating Company) with P G Industry Limited (the Amalgamated Company)
TECHNO ELECTRIC AND ENGINEERING CO. LTD.11/10/2017 - - Proposed Scheme of Amalgamation of Techno Electric & Engineering Company Limited (Transferor Company) with its wholly owned subsidiary company Simran Wind Project Limited (Transferee Company).
ADANI ENTERPRISES LTD.11/10/2017 20171103113144-AEL-BSE Complaint Report.pdf - The Scheme of Arrangement among Adani Enterprises Limited (‘AEL’) and Adani Green Energy Limited (‘AGEL’) and their respective shareholders and creditors (‘scheme’) under Sections 230 to 232 and other applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 for demerger of the Renewable Power Undertaking (as defined in the scheme) of AEL and transfer of the same to AGEL.
GAMMON INDIA LTD.09/10/2017 20171009172105-GAMMON INDIA - - Scheme of Arrangement between Gammon India Limited and Gammon Transmission Limited and their respective shareholders and creditors.
NELCO LTD.05/10/2017 20171006131028-NELCO - 20171120142338-Observation Letter-Nelco Limited.pdf Scheme of Arrangement and Amalgamation of Nelco with its two subsidiaries (NNPL) and (TNSL)
TEXMACO RAIL & ENGINEERING LTD. 03/10/2017 20171103135509-Compliants report.PDF - Scheme of Amalgamation between Texmaco Rail & Engineering Limited Texmaco Hi-tech Private Limited and Bright Power Projects (India) Private Limited
Sangal Papers Ltd.21/09/2017 - - Scheme of Amalgamation of Shree Ganesh Credits Private Limited & Prerna Chits Private Limited with Sangal Papers Ltd.
HT MEDIA LTD. 19/09/2017 20171026143626-Complaints Report - Scheme of Arrangement.pdf - Scheme of Arrangement between HT Media Limited (Demerged Company) and HT Digital Ventures Limited (Resulting company)
FORTUNE FINANCIAL SERVICES (INDIA) LTD. 14/09/2017 - - The Scheme of Amalgamation of Fortune Integrated Assets Finance Limited ("FIAFL") with Fortune Financial Services(India) Limited("FFSIL").
Prakash Industries Limited14/09/2017 20171027105511-Complaint Report.pdf - Scheme of Demerger of the PVC Pipes Undertaking of Prakash Industries Limited into Prakash Pipes Limited
Schaeffler India Ltd 13/09/2017 20171114142337-Complaint Report_BSE_20171006193051.pdf - Scheme Of Amalgamation between Schaeffler India Limited, INA Bearings India Private Limited and LuK India Private Limited
SBEC SUGAR LTD.12/09/2017 20170912121821-SBEC SUGAR - - Scheme of Amalgamation of SBEC Bioenergy Limited (Subsidiary of SBEC Sugar Limited) with SBEC Sugar Limited.
Ortin Laboratories Ltd 07/09/2017 20171003124429-COMPLAINTS REPORT -ORTIN.pdf - The Demerged Company(Ortin Laboratories Ltd) has presently 2 (two) Divisions namely Formulations Division and API Intermediates Division. The Company is demerging its API intermediates division to M/s Vineet laboratories Limited, the resulting company.
IGARASHI MOTORS INDIA LTD.07/09/2017 20170907115914-compliant report_20170728190907-Igarashi.pdf - Scheme of Arrangement that facilitate the amalgamation of Agile Electric Sub Assembly Private Limited into Igarashi Motors India Limited.
GTL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.21/06/2017 20170901195056-GTL Infra-Scheme of 20170901195056-GIL_Complaints_Report_BSE_20170713145731.pdf 20170901195056-GTL-Reg 37.pdf Scheme of Arrangement between Chennai Network Infrastructure Limited (Transferor Company) and GTL Infrastructure Limited (Transferee Company) and their respective Shareholders and Creditors
Optiemus Infracom Ltd31/08/2017 20170831164052-Optiemus_Draft Scheme_BSE_05082017.pdf - - Scheme of amalgamation between M/s MPS Telecom Private Limited, M/s Oneworld teleservices Private Limited and Optiemus Infracom Ltd.