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NOC under Clause 24

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Company NameDate of UploadingDraft Scheme / NOC DocumentComplaint ReportObservation Letter of ExchangeRemarks
ARVIND LTD17/02/2017 20170217150952-New - - Amalgamation of Arvind Brands & Retail limited, Arvind Garments Park Private Limited and Dholka Textile Park Private Limited with Arvind Limited.
Oricon Enterprises Ltd17/02/2017 - - The Scheme of Amalgamation of Oricon Properties Private Limited ,a wholly owned subsidiary company with Oricon enterprises Limited.
AKSH OPTIFIBRE LTD. 15/02/2017 20170215160156-Aksh - - Scheme of amalgamation of APAKSH Broadband Limited (Transferor Company) with Aksh Optifibre Limited (Transferee Company) under Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956 and the corresponding provisions of the Companies Act, 2013
MUKAND LTD. 06/02/2017 - - Scheme of Arrangement and Amalgamation amongst Mukand Limited (“Company” or “Mukand”), Mukand Vijayanagar Steel Limited (“MVSL”) and Mukand Alloy Steels Private Limited (“MASPL”) and their respective shareholders and creditors under sections 230-232 and section 52 of Companies Act, 2013
GUJARAT AUTOMOTIVE GEARS LTD.03/02/2017 20170203125532-Draft Scheme-GUJARAT AUTOMOTIVE GEARS - - Scheme of Amalgamation of Him Teknoforge Limited with Gujarat Automotive Gears Limited under Section 230-232 read with Section 66 and other applicable provisions of Companies Act,2013.
BRIGADE ENTERPRISES LTD.02/02/2017 20170202155054-New 20170215124432-ComplaintsReportontheSchemeofArrangement15022017.pdf - Scheme of Arrangement between Brigade Enterprises Limited, Brigade Hotel Ventures Limited, Brigade Hospitality Services Limited and Augusta Club Private Limited for slump sale of Hotel Business undertaking, Integrated Club & Convention Centers Undertaking & Augusta Club Business Undertaking to the three respective wholly owned subsidiaries
Valiant Organics Ltd25/01/2017 20170216141223-Complaints Report- Valiant Organics Ltd.pdf - SCHEME OF AMALGAMATION OF ABHILASHA TEX-CHEM LIMITED WITH VALIANT ORGANICS LIMITED
SUPER SPINNING MILLS LTD. 24/01/2017 20170124194655-Super Spinning Mills 20170216123516-ComplaintsReport 16.02.2017.pdf - Scheme of Amalgamation of (1) Sara Elgi Arteriors Ltd and (2) Elgi Building Products with Super Spinning Mills Ltd
Quess Corp Ltd 24/01/2017 20170216103511-Complaints report.pdf - Scheme of arrangement between Manipal Integrated Services Private Limited and Quess Corp Limited.
STERLITE TECHNOLOGIES LTD.20/01/2017 20170120174504-Scheme docs-STERLITE TECHNOLOGIES 20170209112215-Complaints Report.pdf - Scheme of Arrangement between Speedon Network Limited and Sterlite Technologies Limited and their shareholders and creditors.
MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LTD.13/01/2017 20170113180109-M & 20170209111836-MMComplaintsReport.pdf - Scheme of Arrangement between Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited and Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and their respective Shareholders and Creditors
INDIANIVESH LIMITED13/01/2017 20170113105133-Sit 20170206124018-Complaints report.pdf - Scheme of Arrangement involving the De-Merger of IndiaNivesh Limited into IndiaNivesh Financial Advisors Limited and subsequent reduction of paid up equity share capital of IndiaNivesh Limited.
SALZER ELECTRONICS LTD.11/01/2017 20170112153059-Salzer Elec-Scheme Reg 20170209112241-Salzer Complaint Report.pdf - Amalgamation / merger of transferor company (Salzer Magnet Wires Ltd-unlisted) with transferee company (Salzer Electronics Ltd – listed) by vesting of all assets and liabilities of the transferor company on transferee company from the appointed date
TVS ELECTRONICS LTD. 10/01/2017 20170203132326-Complaints report.pdf - Amalgamation of Prime Property Holdings Limited, the Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company with TVS Electronics Limited, the Holding Company
SAGAR SOYA PRODUCTS LTD.06/01/2017 20170106173359-Sagar - - The Scheme provides for Arrangement under Section 391 to 395 read with Sections 100 to 105 and other applicable provisions, if any, of the Companies Act, 1956 and provisions of Companies Act 2013, of SAGAR SOYA PRODUCTS LTD. with SAGAR GREEN FIELDS PRIVATE LIMITED.
Intellect Design Arena Ltd06/01/2017 - - Scheme of Amalgamation of Indigo TX Software Private Limited (FIrst Transferor Company) and Laser Soft Infosystems Limited (Second Transferor Company) with Intellect Design Arena Limited (Transferee Company)
GUFIC BIOSCIENCES LTD.03/01/2017 20170103125315-Gufic Biosciences 20170130160447-Complaints Report_20170124200408.pdf - Amalgamation of M/s. Gufic Stridden Bio-Pharma Private limited with M/s. Gufic Biosciences Limited and their respective shareholders and creditors
ZEE ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES LTD. 30/12/2016 20161230211217-Zee 20170116144109-Complaint Report_BSE_13012017.pdf - Composite Scheme of Arrangement among Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (the Company), Reliance Big Broadcasting Private Limited (RBBPL), Big Magic Limited (BML), Azalia Broadcast Private Limited (ABPL) and their respective Shareholders and Creditors (Scheme)
CRAZY INFOTECH LTD29/12/2016 20161229161038-Crazy Info 20170130113435-Crazy - Complaint Report 19-01-2017.pdf - Scheme for reduction of capital from Rs. 66881000/- to Rs. 6688100/-
Orient Paper Industries Ltd29/12/2016 - - Scheme of arrangement between Orient Paper Industries Ltd and Orient Electric Ltd and their respective shareholders and creditors.
OCL India Ltd22/12/2016 20170116173919-Complaints Report_OCL India Ltd.pdf - Scheme of arrangement and amalgamation amongst Odisha Cement Limited, Dalmia Bharat Limited and Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited and their respective shareholders and creditors.
Dalmia Bharat Ltd.21/12/2016 20161221204322-Dalmia 20170117124227-BSE Complaint Report 1601017.pdf - Scheme of arrangement and amalgamation amongst Odisha Cement Limited, Dalmia Bharat Limited and Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited and their respective shareholders and creditors
GUJARAT INDUSTRIES POWER CO.LTD.16/12/2016 20161221204053-Gujarat Industries - - Scheme of Arrangement in the nature of merger of GIPCL Projects and Consultancy Company Limited (Unlisted Transferor company) with Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited (Listed Transferee company)
Vishnu Chemicals Ltd.03/11/2016 20161221203703-Reg37Vishnu 20161221203703-compliant Staus-BSE-19 12 2016  .pdf 20161221203703-Regulation 37 approval letter dtd. 21.12.2016 (Company approval letter).pdf Scheme of Arrangement between Vishnu Barium Private Limited with Vishnu Chemicals Limited