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BSE, CMIE and Survey Research Center, University of Michigan have collaborated to measure consumer sentiment, expectations and the perceived economic scenario through an extensive and representative household survey. University of Michigan provides a highly acclaimed set of academicians while CMIE brings its expertise in data processing. BSE makes the data available to the investing public.
  • India is one of the largest and fastest growing consumer markets in the world. As segments of the market mature, the need for data and insights will grow. India Consumer Indices are a useful set of inputs for business in tapping markets efficiently and in dealing with the vicissitudes of growth.
  • These indices are useful in helping businesses gauge the market sentiments better.
  • Expectations play a large role in the determining the future trends in an economy.
  • A measure of these expectations is critically useful in anticipating change and understanding the nature of these changes.
  • Producers of consumer durables, consumer goods, financial market products, investors, logistics services providers, and a host of related industries prefer to anticipate change for planning and executing their production and/or marketing strategies.
  • These indices are based on large representative sample. Hence, they can meet the needs of policy makers and academic researchers in undertaking the impact of changes in economic environment that may occur due to policy changes or natural phenomena. Such occurrences include changes in interest rates/taxation/governmental regime/regulations, monsoon failure etc.
In comparison, the Reserve Bank of India's Consumer Confidence Survey (CCS) is conducted on a small sample of 5,400 households.

30 Days Moving Average
   Base = 100 (Sep - Dec 2015)
Monthly Graph
India - Label Urban - Label Rural - Label

30 Days Moving Average
   Base = 100 (Sep - Dec 2015)
Monthly Graph
Consumer Sentiments(CS) - Label Consumer Expectations(CE) - Label
Current Economic Conditions(CEC) - Label

Sentiments decline

On 22 Jan 2017, consumer sentiments at the all-India level were down 0.18 per cent at 97.36, for the four-day period beginning 19 Jan 2017. This can be attributed to a 0.59 per cent fall in the index of consumer expectations to 97.4. In contrast, the index of current economic conditions rose 0.46 per cent to 97.3.

Similarly, urban consumer sentiments slid 0.18 per cent to 92.19, as a result of a 0.59 per cent decrease in the index of consumer expectations to 92.56. The index of current economic conditions improved by 0.46 per cent to 91.63.

In rural India, consumer sentiments plunged 0.36 per cent to 100.73, on account of a 0.59 per cent drop in the index of consumer expectations to 100.89. Meanwhile, the index of current economic conditions stood unchanged at 100.47.

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